Soli Deo Gloria Homeschool Curricula

Tired of waiting for the big publishing houses to recognize the homeschool market?

Wish there was more selection in science textbooks catering to homeschools?

Wondering if some of the material you've painfully assembled in your teaching might have a broader appeal, but didn't know how to advertise or distribute it?

Look no further, or rather, keep looking and let us know about it!

This website is targetted for homeschoolers who use CD's or DVD's in their teaching, and want material that combines high academic standards with strong Christian principles. Costs are minimal, covering duplication and postage. We know what it's like to homeschool, so we include both lectures and texts for this material, distributed both on DVDs and CDs. Since CDs are roughly 1/6 the capacity of DVDs, the CD lectures are of much lower graphical quality. Naturally, a computer and WWW browser software are needed to read the files on the CD, though DVDs can be viewed with just a DVD movie player.

Yours truly,
Sunmi Sheldon
Nodlesh Homeschool Headmistress


Lectures by Dr. Robert Sheldon:


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Updated, January 10, 2005